Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nottingham photoshoot vlog

Hello lovelies

I just thought I should share my first YT video with my blog family. I am so excited and happy to be taking on this new venture. You get to learn more about me and the Tiwi's Closet brand and I get to learn more about everything. The video speaks for itself. Hope you enjoy.

Love Tiwi

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Crotchet braids

This year is already looking happy indeed. If you haven't heard of crotchet braids them I am here to tell you about them. Don't worry if you have heard about them if you haven't tried them I am also here to encourage you to try them out . Crotchet braids are relatively inexpensive as you do the lab our yourself so unless your spending a lot of money on hair then you can literally spend only £10 to get your hair done. I got the crotchet needle on ebay for just £4 ( I actually got 2). You can look in haberdashers or fabric stores if your not a fan of ebay or have no access to ebay.

I live in Skipton which has no Afro hair specialists. (lol) I love my natural hair but sometimes I just want to cover it up and let it be. Crotchet braids are a good protective hair style. The great part about them is you can do them yourself. I might do a review of this hairstyle when I'm done with it. It's all up to you. If want a review then please let me know in the comments section or on Facebook or twitter.

You will need:

  1. Hair of you choice
  2. a latch hook crochet needle
  3. a comb

The whole process 

I won't go into detail myself as I wouldn't make sense. I've linked a crotchet braid tutorial that is very detailed on how to achieve the look. There are many other videos on YouTube so I would say check out as many as you can.

Although I did take some tips from this video I modified it to suite me. You don't have to follow the tutorial to a tee especially concerning the canerow /cornrow pattern. As long as it is secure anything will do.


It took me about 8 hours to complete this hair style. As it was my first time doing it that would make sense. It was a bit tricky getting the method right but eventually I got it right. I chose this hair is it's big and poofy :). It keeps me warm.


If you have no one to do your hair then this is perfect for you. I promise you you won't regret it.

Stay inspired 



Monday, 13 January 2014

Ootd : Vintage blouse

Today I'm sharing a simple outfit I wore at the weekend. Me and my sister were going shopping and I thought this blouse would be stylish and comfortable for the occasion. The shoes were a mistake as my feet froze. It's getting really cold I am praying that it doesn't snow. ( Please God)

The blouse is vintage and new to my closet. I love it because it's versatile. It can be worn for so many occasions and that's what attracted me to it. It's oversized so I can wear it with jeans or leggings. With jeans I wouldn't have to tuck it in and can leave it out. (If your stomach is a problem area then the oversized blouse is for you), just remember to layer your clothes properly so that you don't look frumpy and bigger than you actually are. I paired the blouse with leggings with my boxy jacket/coat. Oversized blouses are great with leggings as they cover your bum. Nothing irks me like legging under wear show. For a jean combo I would add a long necklace and the boxy jacket. I would roll up the jeans at ankles for a cropped look. I just might try that when I get new jeans (mine have gone to heaven now).

Skirts and dresses can also use the touch of an oversized shirt. You can simply tuck the blouse into the skirt and add a belt. Simples. Or wear the oversized shirt under a sleeveless dress. 
Every girl needs something like this in her wardrobe. You can't go wrong with and oversized blouse trust me on this one. 

Yes I have new hair. New year new things. I will be doing a separate post on this hair. I did it myself and I'm excited to share exactly how and what. I've never been interested in hair or makeup but 2014 is a year of firsts and learning new things.I'm also wearing a new lip colour its from the new moisture lip colours by Maybeline. I will share more details in a favourites post soon.

 Short and sweet post for ya. I hope you have been inspired . Now go out and buy an oversized blouse. Like I said you won't regret it.

Love you guys. 

Thank you for all your support


Friday, 3 January 2014

ootd : Selfie

Happy new year everybody :).

This post is dedicated to my selfie beanie which has received mixed reactions from my loved ones. I love this beanie and it is one of the things I purchased in the 'January sales'. I don't get the hype that people buy into though . It's the same sale as any time of the year and yet people act like clothes, shoes and other stuff is coming to an end and go shopping crazy. It's kind of scary.

Anywho. Today's ootd is very simple. It's my winter uniform. I simply layered a vintage jumper over a black sheer blouse and some jeans. The fur gillet is old and it's thrifted .It only cost me £1.99. uh huh honey ( bound 2 voice). I rolled up my jeans for a cropped look and I'm on the fence about whether I like it or not. The combat boots are also my new found love.  I believe they are on sale at the moment  in Newlook. They come in burgundy ( my colour), black and white and black. The old me would have bought all 3 colours but I've stopped doing that nonsense.

A trend I never thought I'd find myself loving : beanies. I've shyed away from them for the longest time because I thought they would look funny on me .The selfie beanie just called to me and now I'm in love with beanies. This year is going to be the year of growing my hat collection. My look is evolving and I love it. I've also challenged myself this year to wear more heeled shoes. Why? because what's the point in buying shoes you only get to wear once a year. Might as well rent or borrow them.

She was not having any of it 

My date and photographer 
Well I loved wearing this. Hope you have been inspired. 


Tiwi x