Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello Spring

Hello lovelies

So I was taking pictures for an upcoming blog post today and my mum wanted to take pictures of me in my outfit. She laughed at my garland and asked me if I was going to Hawaii. ( I think I fascinate her because I'm always taking pictures and taking over her house with my 'fashion' stuff. I don't think she understands me) 

What better way to welcome spring in than in shorts, polka dots and a garland. I never really wear short stuff these days so this was a chance for me to share my legs and hips with you guys. This is a really laid back look that for me I'd wear around the house( sans shoes and garland I'm not that eccentric).

Hello Spring ^_^

Stay inspired and have a productive week. How are you welcoming in the new season ?


  1. The garland is great way to welcome spring:) I love anything polka dot.


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