Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Roof Top Party

Hello Lovelies

So While I was in Swaziland best believe I went to some amazing parties. One in particular was a roof top party with the best horderves a girl could ask for. For this roof top party I channeled my inner 70s goddess with a massive afro , floaty maxi dress and layered jewlery. I really enjoyed myself as I got to hang out with some pretty amazing people, drink lovely cocktails and dance the cold night away.

The event was in the capital city Mbabane. Check out the lovely view of the city from the rooftop.

What I wore : 
Maxi dress : Primark; Maxi Cover up : Primark; Shoes : Zara; Accessories : Thrifted, River island and top shop.

Want to know how I achieved my big afro. Look forward to my next post on how I maintained my hair while in Swaziland.

Love and Light


Monday, 22 September 2014

The wedding guest

Hello Tiwi's Closet lovers

Yes it has been more than a minute since I last blogged but the struggle was real people. I have just got back from visiting Swaziland. I had planned to blog but the struggle with internet was too much for me.

In the next few weeks I will be updating you on some of the things I did as well as the fabulous outfits I got to wore in Swaziland. One thing I love about visiting Swaziland is that I get to wear a lot of clothes and shoes I wouldn't usually wear in England.

In today's post I will be sharing how I dressed up for two weddings I attended. I will say that both my outfits where not your traditional wedding outfit but they were still wedding appropriate.

Wedding 1

I opted for a jumpsuit for this wedding because it was a garden wedding. To make my jumpsuit more wedding appropriate I chose white and gold accessories. I feel that this brought the look together. The white tuxedo jacket and over sized clutch with the white shoes add the crisp and chic finish. I like to be comfortable and stylish and this look definitely did it for me. 

What I am wearing:

Jumpsuit : Dorothy Perkins
Heels : Zara
Clutch bag : Tiwi's Closet
Jacket : Thrifted
Accessories : Dorothy Perkins, Primark,  House of Fraser. 

Wedding 2:

This was a church wedding so I wanted to wear something simple that wouldn't crease. Once again I recycled the white tuxedo jacket and over sized clutch. I can confidently say that these two pieces are now part of my staple pieces. I was bang on trend with the crop top and full skirt. For this look I opted for statement over sized pearl earrings and white sunnies. This look was more neutral with the pastel over sized flowers on the skirt and the nude strappy heeled sandals. This was the only day I wore my version of full make up during my holiday.

What I wore:

Jacket: thirfted
Shoes: Zara
Skirt: Top Shop
Crop top : Primark
Clutch : Tiwi's Closet
Sunglasses : Tiwi's Closet
Other accessories : H&M, River island 

As you can see from both my outfits. They started with simple pieces and I used my accessories, shoes , hair and makeup to create interesting wedding outfits. My first tip on dressing for weddings would be to start with a simple base.

Tiwi's ( non-traditional wedding outfit) tips:
  • Don't wear a white dress. It's the bride's special day and white is her colour. However you can infuse your outfit with white accessories and shoes. 
  • Do wear pastels. Pastel colours are great for weddings. They are soft and feminine and all so wedding appropriate. 
  • Be comfortable. Please make sure that whatever you chose to wear to a wedding makes you comfortable. Being comfortable doesn't mean lazy and sloppy though. Make and effort and infuse a bit of your personal style into whatever you pick. I would advise you to carry a pair of flats in your bag as weddings can be lengthy.
  • Another great tip is to know the theme of the wedding so that you can plan your outfit around that theme. For instance if you're going to a garden wedding like I was you can be a bit more adventurous with your outfit.  
Well I hope you enjoyed my first Swaziland installment.

Love and light