Thursday, 27 March 2014

New in: Lipstick

Hello lovelies

Prepare for the lipstick bombardment. In the next couple of weeks I will be doing lipstick related series . Today is simply a lipstick haul. Some time last year I decided that I wanted to build my lipstick collection and this year I am making it a reality.

I decided to try out Accessorize lipsticks after seeing the shade Infatuated on a friend of mine. This shade in my opinion is a dupe for Diva by MAC. Infatuated just has more shine to it. I just love the names of the Accessorize lipsticks,they are all about being in love. For £4.95 I would say you do get your value for money. So far I have worn Infatuated and Passionate and I can't complain.

I bought the Maybelline colour senesation and the MUA in shade 15 on a whim. I had time to kill while waiting for a friend so I decided to go into Super drug to play with lipstick.The Maybelline colours swatched really well on my hand however I am not happy with the colour payoff of the Taupe and coral colour on my actual lips, they are not as pigmented as I would like. I am in love with the naked brown shade it is everything. I would definitely recommend it . As for MUA it is supposed to look peachy nude on your lips however it can end up looking more chalky than peachy, but it is quite amplified and I love that about it. You would need a lip liner for this shade just to give your lips some definition.

As for the MAC lipsticks ...  I have a list of all the MAC lipsticks I want to buy so all the lip colours you see where on the list. I am slowly working through it until I get all the MAC lipsticks I want. I think they are the best value for money as they are pigmented and last you forever. Parting with your £15 isn't fun but for something that defeats your food, drink and other activities  I think it is definitely worth it. 

Onto the fun part y'all:

(Just thought I should point out that I would usually wear lipstick with a lip liner but I decided to just put on the lipsticks as they were so you could really get a look at the colour.)





Well lovelies that's it from me.

I hope you have a lovely day 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ASOS Wish list

Hello lovelies
Now I'm not much of an online shopper but I do love ASOS. I thought I'd share my current ASOS wishlist with you guys. I find that my style has evolved these last couple of months. I'm trying new things. I think it was triggered by my decision to invest in better shoes. I've never been much of a shoe lover but having to go out of my comfort zone helped me discover my inner love for shoes, which has a multiplier effect on my whole look. Yes I'm getting rid of a lot of my old stuff. It's exciting. I've invested in some bags and clothes.

Here is my beautiful list. Slowly but surely I will get the stuff I really want ^_^.
asos wishlist

ASOS sweat shirt
£21 -

Glamorous crop top
£16 -

ASOS pencil skirt
£38 -

ASOS black pants
£32 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£42 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£51 -

London rebel shoes
£34 -

Ravel flat shoes
£32 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£38 -

Leopard shoes
£23 -

Truffle ankle boots
£32 -

Timeless strappy sandals
£27 -

ASOS slip on shoes
£24 -

Pull&Bear slip on shoes
£25 -

ASOS crossbody purse
£28 -

ASOS plastic bag
£23 -

ASOS chunky necklace
£18 -

ASOS chronograph watch
£25 -

ASOS bracelet
£7.92 -

ASOS gemstone jewelry
£4.53 -

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Tiwi's Closet collection

Tiwi's Closet isn't just the name of my blog. It is also the name of my brand. The Tiwi's Closet collection launches on the 31st of March. It will featured vintage inspired clothes and accessories. The Tiwi's Closet collection is a brand with a difference providing styling ideas and challenging women to think outside the box  and try something different. At Tiwi's closet we are all about sophistication, chic, classic styles with an edge. Every item is handpicked with a vision in mind

Here is a preview of what  we have to offer :