Monday, 16 February 2015

Wardrobe Essentials

What are Wardrobe essentials?

Wardrobe essentials are the pieces of clothing, shoes and baubles that make up a complete and structured wardrobe. I describe them as the pieces that every diva must have to build a successful wardrobe.  Essentials pieces are the starting point of every wardrobe.

So what is classed as an essential piece?

That can vary from person to person. I personally believe that it is something an individual must research to suite their style but a universal agreement would be the black dress , black pencil skirt, classic black pumps, white button down shirt, white t –shirt and pearl or diamond studs should be included in any list that calls itself an essentials wardrobe list. I think this can also vary from country to country and climate has a big part to play in what makes the cut. For instance I would argue that if you live in the north of England like I do. Then a collection of boots (if you like variety) will be more useful for you than lets say a collection of ballet pumps. But if I lived in Swaziland ( the country of my birth whoop whoop). I would have a massive collection of cute open toe sandals and slippers. You get the gist.

Here are my wardrobe essentials:

Why should I think about wardrobe essentials?

It is the easiest place to start if you are looking to find your personal style or just build up a robust wardrobe. The essential pieces are versatile and can be styled in a number of ways.  I can bet you that if you decided only to invest in essential pieces you would have many creative outfit options. Investing in your wardrobe essentials is well worth it. With pieces such as the lbd and black pencil skirt styling possibilities would be endless.

Where Should I shop for my wardrobe essentials and where should I start?

My advice would be to invest in quality pieces. Why? Simply because you want them to last more than one season and assuming we call them ‘essentials’. Let's assume that these will be pieces you reach for on a regular basis , so it is well worth investing in quality garments you won’t have to keep replacing. Quality doesn't mean expensive mind you. Quality can mean waiting for the sales so you get them at a better price or scoring vintage stores and flea markets for some pieces such as coats, skirts and dresses. You can find some really good quality , well-made pieces in vintage stores and flea markets.

  1. You are the person that will define what is an essential piece to you.
  2.  Invest in quality pieces because essential imply that you will wear these pieces often. 
  3. Trawl vintage stores and flea markets for some of your essentials and wait for the sales for others

I really have enjoyed writing this piece. I know my posts will be far and few in between in the next few months but best believe I will be giving you some quality information. 

Let me know what you think and please share what an essential piece is to you.I would love to share some of your replies on the my Facebook and twitter.  I will try to do a follow up post of my personal essential pieces. 

Have a lovely and productive week



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