Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Vintage dress story

Hello everybody

So this is a post I have been meaning to do for a while. Since last year to be honest. I was inspired by Tracey Ellis Ross. She actually did a few  fashion related videos on her YouTube channel and one of them happened to be a video about her vintage dresses and the story behind each dress she shared Today I will just be sharing 4 dresses from my vintage dress collection. They don't really have any stories behind them yet as I have no where to go. However I will be sharing some of my ideas on how I would wear each dress.

Let me start by saying that I find vintage dresses easier to style. I think there are a lot more options for me. Dresses from the past make me feel more feminine.

1)This is an 80s number. 

Thisdress has shoulder pads, double breast buttons , a bold print and what I call a fish tail pleated bottom. This  dress is very typical of the 80s. The 80s were about exaggerated loud clothing and accessories.What I like about this dress is how it compliments my body shape. The dress stops at the right part of my legs. It makes me look more proportional. I have really big thighs and hips with skinny legs. This dress hides this well. With the help of shaping underwear ( I would recommend you get yourself some) this dress makes me look more curvy. I also like the sleeves and where they stop on my arms. The sleeves cover the fleshiest parts of my arm. The fish tail skirt is very on trend for this season. What is there not to like about this dress. This dress has a nautical feel to it with the double breast buttons and the collar. The print of this dress is actually bold blue flowers with subtle white polka dots that blend in well with the cream base of the dress.

I would wear this dress a number of ways :

  • a night out when I want to be a bit more classy
  • To work with a black fitted blazer and some black shoes ( not forgetting black tights) 
  • on a date
  • formal event

2) The 60s number. 

 Lately I have been drawn to varying shades of purple.

I can't tell you how much I love this dress. When I saw it I immediately thought of work. This dress would be perfect for work. It is made of quite thick material and it would be perfect for an autumn / winter work look.

3 The Unknown Era 

I'm not sure what era this dress is from but I love it. ( help me date it?) This is another dress I would wear to work. I bought it with some work like shoes. This dress is great for work because of the length, the colour and the fact that it covers my bust well. I have this problem with my bust.  Unless a top or dress has a high neckline , cleavage will pop out. There is no chance of that happening with this dress. I see this dress as a great transition piece because of it's colour. I would describe this dress as an earthy mint green. It is great for autumn and spring.

 This dress can be worn as/to/on :

  • a day dress with simple sandals
  • formal event dress it up with sparkly bits and bobs
  • Work
  • A date

4)My 1950s style dress

Well You guys have seen this dress before. I know I have said this about each dress but I really do love them all. A popular silhouette in the 1950s was the full skirt and wasp waist. This dress features a full skirt and a wasp waist. It would suite any figuring. Hiding problem areas for us curvier ladies and creating the illusion of  a curves for those without. I love this dress because of the bold print and they way it compliments my shape. This dress is very much a day to day dress. I would personally wear it to work ( nothing a fitted black blazer can't fix). I'd wear it on a date and on a sunny day with a pair of cute sandal and a cute bag.

 This particular look is very much inspired by Ulyana Sergeenko.

Well I really hope you enjoyed this post. I am thinking of doing a post on how I would style each dress i.e work, date or formal event. Let me know in the comments section if you would be interested in seeing this. ( I'll probably do it anyways). I know I take quite a few breaks from my blog but this girl is trying to figure out her life. 

Have a lovely week and look out for my next post which may be about what I would pack for a holiday.




  1. We love this post!!! too cute :D <3

  2. love the pop of colours! lovely post! you look great

  3. Tiwi you are too gorgeous and your style is inspiring. I love this post.

  4. The purple dress is my favorite <3


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