Monday, 19 May 2014

OOTD: Simply grey

Hello y'all

So I haven't done an actually outfit of the day in a long time. This is what I wore to church yesterday. I love dressing up simple details with my accessories. I bought this grey maxi dress in H&M for only £9.99. It's the best thing that I have bought in a while because I can style it in so many wears. Yes I have new hair. Another installment of crochet braids done by yours truly. You will be seeing more of this maxi , I am thinking of buying it in different colours.

What I wore:

Dress : H&M
mini kimono thing : Primark
Glasses: Portobello Market
Shoes: Top Shop
Bag: New Look

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

SS14 Let's go Wild

Hello everybody. The t-shirt pretty much speaks for the outfit.  Today's post is a two in one outfit. Well more like a 'how to switch up your outfit, by changing your shoes'. This outfit is very bright with a lot of popping colours. I am in two minds about it. I like it because it's out of my comfort zone ( with it being tight fitting and all). 

 I think this outfit is pretty straight forward : t-shirt, bright pencil skirt, bright bag and trainers or heels. The key is to go for bright colours. 

You will be seeing in the next few weeks that I am falling in love with trainers and plimsolls. I find them a bit more comfortable than always wearing flats which have been killing my feet lately. 

What I am wearing:
Skirt : River Island
Top: Select
Bag: Zara
Trainers : Newlook 
Heels : H&M
Sunglasses and Necklace : Primark

Saturday, 3 May 2014

An Ode to my sister

Hello everybody

Now you guys know I love my little sister and today's post is all about her style. She has a minimalistic style. She loves chunky boots,  black and white, structured tops and pastel colours. For her age her style is very defined. She knows what she likes and isn't afraid to try new trends. She is one person who is brutally honest with me especially when it comes to the question ' how do I look'. Her fave places to shop : Mango, Zara , Topshop and any other shop of that kind. We are complete opposites when it comes to where we shop. Although she has turned me into a Zara believer (only in the sale though).

I am paying homage to her because she is one person that pushes me to try new trends and think outside the box. My little sister is cooler than yours and no you can't have her ^_^.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

SS14 : spring / summer inspired

Hello everyone and happy first day of the month. So last week I was look book crazy and since then I have compiled some other looks for you guys which I will share with you soon. I am always taking random pictures in my down time. Today's post like a visual mood board from my closet illustrating some things that give me that Spring / Summer inspiration. I will be using these things as inspiration for my upcoming look books, ootds and styling projects. This post will give you an idea of my creative process. I hope you enjoy. 

1) Selfies and updos. 

These pics were taken on one of my "let me mill around my room and come up with ideas" day. I learnt how to make an almost unwearable lipstick work for me and also that my hair could be styled into an up do. Also I discovered that I can wear a hat with the up do and not ruin my hair style. 

 2) Shoes and bags 

I've been investing in beautiful shoes that I can wear in the day time and below are some my efforts. As you can see some of these shoes are inspired by the 60s mod trend. I can't wait to style them. I also found some vintage sandals ( 2nd pic). Very 70s.  My clutch bag collection is as colourful as I am. Sometimes you need to lay things out otherwise you just forget about them.

3 Neon Lime

My colour for the summer/ spring period is neon anything. I can't wait to style these items. It would be interesting to see if I can pull off wearing all these things in one outfit. 

 4) Garlands and Lipsticks

Vivid colours inspired my summer and spring lips. Its all about the nudes, pinks, oranges and red and now that I have found love in garlands. I am never turning back. Nothing says summer like some beautiful head gear and the perfect lipstick.

5) Lovely babbles 

I'm falling in love with art deco inspired jewelry. I love statement pieces and unique pieces. 

6) So fresh 

I love the Victoria Secret Garden scents are amazing, Mine both have vanilla in them. The Hollister body spray smells like sweet grapefruit, it something I don't usually go for but I love this. As for the Zara perfume, that is going to need a whole post of it's own. The Zara perfumes are all dupes for high end perfumes. Great for everyday use and perfect size for your hand bag. 

 7) Nail Varnish Pretty
I'd like to thank the shops that sell nail varnish for 99p. That's why I have so many. These are all my summer colours.

 8) Sun glass love 

Sunglasses for me are a must have. I need them in the sun. My eyes can't cope. I have an extensive collection and below are just some of my faves.

 Well that's all for today folks. Have a blessed May day. What things make you feel spring and summer ready?