Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Reasons to get thrifty

Hello Lovelies
I am loving my new lease on blogging.

Whenever I go thrifting I want to share what I've got with you guys and how I would style it. One of the reasons I started blogging was to encourage people to thrift and look in different places for fashion inspiration. I am happy that I will be able to share some of my finds with you guys and I hope this will inspire you to find the next flea market, charity shop or car boot sale and start finding cool stuff.

I would say that about 60% of my wardrobe is from odd shops and I love the things I have. Recently I've been finding beautiful things. I will probably have to do a couple of these ' Reason to get thrifty' look books.
I love thrifting, charity shop trolling or whatever you call it because I love standing out and being and individual. I can own an outfit and be 100% original with my my thrifted pieces. It's like art for me. I can't describe the joy I get from piecing outfits together.

As for today I will be sharing 3 looks . An office look, casual everyday look and something a bit dressy. I want to show you guys a few things with this look book : How small details count , How to hide problem areas, mixing prints and finding the perfect white pants.

1) The Office look 

This look will feature 3 outerwear options. This is definitely something I would wear to the office.  I decide to go with very bold lips to be more adventurous. I'm usually a pink and red lipstick girl but this time round I decided to fierce up the look. The pencil skirt , all the outerwear and white shirt are all charity shop finds. I would say I spent roughly £20 on all 5 items. Isn't that awesome?  I added an extra detail to make the outfit pop : the blouse pin. Blouse pins where very fashionable in Victorian times and in the early 1900s. The blouse pin trend was resurrected in the 80s.The pencil Skirt is made out of woolen material,it gray and has animal print. I love the print on it. It's these small details that count. In my opinion this is how to do animal print in a professional setting. 

 2) Everyday look

This look features a full skirt these were very popular in the 1950s.  The full skirt is a must have for every woman because it flatters all figures. If your slim it gives you the illusion of curves. If you are full figured a full skirt can hide problem areas. I find the full skirt particularly flattering on my body because I have big thighs and skinny legs. The full skirt disguises my problem area. As the full skirt is high waist I can hide my tummy which is another problem area for me. This outfit was a mixture of patterns and textures, it works for me. The Skirt, cardigan, lace top and bag are all thrifted. Once again these items all together cost less than £20. Try mixing and matching today instead of matching and colour co-ordination. 

3. Dressy : Something special

I didn't know what to call this look. This look features High waist pants. I rarely wear pants and I finally found the right pants for moi and they are white. This entire outfit is thirfted. The peach jacket is from a flea market. I love it. Gold hard ware is a big part of this outfit, the earrings, the trousers details, the clutch bag chain and the buttons on the jacket are all gold. The shoes are stolen from my mum's closet. They add the animal print flavor.  They are not her thing so I don't understand why she bought them ? One loss for mumkind is a gain for Tiwi's Closet. I love this look because it accentuates my shape. Believe it or not this is the cheapest outfit at under £15 all together. I believe that every lady should have a pair of white trouser in her closet. They key is finding the right cut for your body. The cat eye sunglasses give the outfit a chic finish.

I hope you are having a blessed week so far. I hope you have been inspired.


Tiwi xx

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