Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tiwi's closet brand

The Tiwi's Closet brand has existed for 2 years. it was founded by Tiwi (me). Originally held as a series of markets to sell things from my closet. Tiwi's Closet was born.

The brand grew through fashion shows that took place at the university of Liverpool. Now Tiwi's Closet is looking to expand and open an online store to reach a wider clientele. We stock vintage items as well as what we call 'pre-loved' items that reflect the Tiwi's Closet look.

Tiwi's Closet is a young brand for the creative and fashionable young lady. Providing vintage inspired clothing and accessories.

Our aim is to showcase beauty in unexpected places.
You can find out more about us here : (Follow us)

Facebook :
Instagram : @tiwiscloset 

Here is what you can expect from us:

We hope you like this. Keep your eyes open for more on Tiwi's Closet.




  1. I love them all, the red platform heels are super cute! x

    1. Thanks lovely. I think you can get the heels on


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