Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Photographer and model for a day.

Hey everyone and welcome to my new blog.

So I finally uped and bought my first tripod. The plan on the day  was to create a thrifted look book. Little did I know it takes more time and planning to come up with a whole look book. Directing is a challenging task especially when you can't shout at yourself.

For anyone interested. I got the tripod on eBay for less than £10. So far I am happy with the results. The only thing I would say is that I have to constantly adjust it and the tripod itself is quite short ( not up to a meter) So I have to fiddle with the camera for good results.

Things to consider when taking your own pictures :

1) Lighting and angles: Believe me this is very important. This is something that is relativily a new concept to me. I've realised from blogging that in the process of writing about fashion we become photographers at the same time.
Natural light is the best for taking good quality photographs. I am still learning about taking pictures from the right angles. I have 2 photography magazines I bought in Singapore on photographer and I am making Google my new best friend ( seriously she knows everything).

2) Planning : One thing I am currently working on is making detailed schedules of the day and trying to plan outfits in advance. A few things I would include when brainstorming are : hair and makeup, rough idea of outfits and perhaps do a few test shots a day before to find the best lighting.

The Looks

Look 1
This is an office friendly look. I love my red lipstick but to make it office friendly I went for a nude pink lipstick ( Heather simmers). I call the first look the Power look.  This is a very 80s look when pencils skirts, court shoes and shoulder pads were all the rage. I've realised that I love the power look. It is one of my signature looks. I remixed my power look by not matching ( I never do that) Instead I used different prints and textures and threw in a bit of fur.

I will be doing a separate post on how to do 'The power look'
Look 2 
The second look is an 80s meets 90s looks. I kept the blouse and statement necklace the same and this time I added a denim pencil skirt , a jumper and some ankle boots. A more comfortable look for a casual outing.

Well I hope you have found this post informative and interesting.

Thank you for reading

Tiwi xx


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