Saturday, 7 December 2013

Winter faves : Nailpolish and Lipstick edition

Hello lovelies
You will probably here me say this phrase 'I'm not much of a makeup person' a lot. One thing I do love is lipstick and more recently nail polish. Winter never used to exist in Tiwi land. I remember telling someone that in January summer began for me. That's because I wasn't confident in my winter wardrobe and at the time I had an obsession with flimsy dresses. I hated wearing the same coat all the time .

Winter is all about going for darker shades. It took a bit of convincing from YouTube and other sources but I've learnt to try new things. I'm quickly falling in love with darker more intense lipsticks and I'm loving it.

My winter colours consists of reds, neutrals, purples and black. Just thought I should add that lip liner is your best friend. It helps give definition to the lips, you can create new exciting shades with your lip liner and lipstick. If your not sold on liner then at least invest in a brown liner.

This is one of the looks I created. I used exxagerate by sleek, a black cheery lip liner by Barry M and black cherry by sleek. I love it. 


I would say that the nude and red shades are all year round faves, but I still felt the need to include them. 

Nail Polishes :

When it comes to nail polish it has always been about bright colours for me. I was never a fan of dark colours until I stole a friend's dark purple nail varnish and it  looked amazing on me. So recently I went on a hunt for that nail varnish but couldn't find it ( typical). I did however find some other amazing colours and I've added pastel colours to my new favourites.

On that short sweet note. You will be seeing these lips colours in alot of my ootds and so on. Hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or suggestions please share with me. I love learning new things.

Have a lovely day

Tiwi xx


  1. Suits you. Need to experiment more with my lip colors. Perhaps i should try the darker shades.

    1. You should try it. You never know you just might like it :)


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