Friday, 7 February 2014

My growing love for shoes

shoe wishlist

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. 

They lift you physically and emotionally.”

—Christian Louboutin 

Hello lovelies it has been a hot minute. I was just going through a bit of a writers and fashion block in the last few weeks. Today however, I will be talking about my growing love for shoes. I will be sharing my shoe wish list, tips for uping your shoe game and a shoe haul ( yay).

I have never been a shoe-a-holic and I doubt that I'll ever be much of a shoe lady. In my opinion the right shoes can give your outfit that extra pop and the wrong shoes can do the opposite.  One thing I  noticed  when  putting  my outfits together was that my shoe game was putting a damper on my outfits.  So sometime last year  I did a shoe evaluation and I realised I had an appalling day time shoe collection with more heels than actual daytime shoes. This did not make sense to me so since last year I've been working on my day time shoe collection planning and buying the shoes I think will add to my closet. I am also setting myself a challenge to wear more heels ( at least 3 inch ones) in the day time. I mean what is the point of having an extensive heels collection and wearing the shoes once a year. Who cares if I am like 6 foot when I wear heels ( the highest ones lol). My new motto will be you buy it you wear it so I guess that will stop me from buying shoes I can't wear.

2014 will be filled with many such post where I introduce you guys to the changes I am making in my wardrobe. I am having an on going clear out, getting rid of a lot of my clothes as I want a fresh start. So far it's going great and I am getting excited because I can't wait for the next step in my fashion wardrobe.

Tips for uping your shoe game :
1) Plan , plan and plan some more. You want to imagine your outfits and the type of shoes that would go with your outfits. I would say go online and look at the many options that are out there for you. Fill gaps in your closet don't just buy a lot of shoes that are on sale that do nothing for your style.( been there done that).
2) Quality rather that quantity. You want quality shoes at a price you can afford. Quality doesn't mean breaking the bank. Sales are a great way to get quality shoes at the fraction of the original price. You can wait out for the sale or just buy the shoes if you really want them.
3) I think that you should do  a shoe evaluation to start of with. You need to know what you have, what you need to get rid of and what you need to buy. I guess this point goes with the planning point.
4) Know the look you are going for. By this I simple mean know what your personal style is so that you can know the type of shoes that will add to your style.

I thought I should mention that ASOS has been a great place for improving my daytime shoes with unique shoes.  My saved items on ASOS is has up to 50 items at any given time. A girl can dream can't she? Who knows...just in case I win the lottery or someone gives me loads of money ( hint hint). I know exactly what I will be buying.

I thought I should start off with showing my day time shoe collection post new shoes:

This was literally it. I have gotten rid of some of the shoes above and I have added new ones. I believe that a good time collection should at least contain the following : some converse, brogues, loafers, sandals and some flat shoes with a bit of heel. You want to invest in your shoes rather than go for just anything that's on sale believe me. I have learnt my lesson.

Now for the fun part . I will provide as much information on where you can get these shoes as well.


1.) Zara (sale) not available ( check eBay), 2. ASOS ( similar here) also available in silver  3.ASOS ( here) and in black (here) 4. Topshop (sale) not available ( check ebay) 5. Dune ( here) (here) 6. Dorothy Perkins (sale) not available 7. bank (sale) not available 8. ASOS ( sale) here  9. Newlook available here  10. Miss Selfridge ( sale) not available 11. Dune ( sale) here  11. atmosphere ( charity shop) not available 12. Vintage shoes ( charity shop) 13. Top shop ( sale) not available 14. ASOS available in black and green 14. Vintage loafers ( charity shop) 

You have seen these before in previous posts. Just thought I should add these 3 pairs as the name of this post is called 'My growing love for shoes' 

So far I could say I love the shoes I have bought. I'm a more confident shoe shopper and I know what shoes I want to buy and what clothes they go with.

I hope you find this post inspiring and helpful 



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