Wednesday, 23 April 2014

SS14: Festival Chica

Hello lovelies.

 Today I will be sharing the last of the looks I have for you.( I will be doing some more soon for you). I call this outfit festival chica because it is something I would wear to a festival. It's festival friendly with the comfortable wedges but it remains fashionable and flatters my body. I'm almost always overdressed but That's just me being me.

How to Achieve this look

Festivals are all about the boho trend. It is a time when you can re-live the 60s and the 70s to your little hearts content. Accessories are the key to creating this look. The amber pendant, tinted sunglasses, the Zulu bangles and the belt all help me create the boho look.  If I wanted to take this outfit to the next level I would add a brown fringed bag and some ankle boots or trainers of my choice. I add my personality to the look with my shoes and the vintage bag. Always add your personality to any trend you try out.

 So if you want to re create this look accessories with ethnic accessories, some small rounded glasses a slouchy bag and foot wear of your choice. As you can see I still add my own personality to the boho trend with my shoes and the vintage bag.

Happy mid week everybody.  What is your festival look and do you have any helpful tips?  


  1. love love the zulu bangles. Great look!

  2. Thank you so much!))Followed back!

  3. Hey babe. I really love the whole outfit ensemble, most especially the Zulu bangles and the shirt. I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin'. Let's follow each other? xx

  4. you look amazing


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