Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My 5 Key accessories

I was inspired by Beauty Crush on YouTube to do this post. Accessories for me personally are what help add a bit of my personality to an outfit.

My five key accessories are :

A black clutch

Black goes with absolutely everything so in my opinion you can't go wrong with black. I think it is well worth investing in a black clutch bag if you haven't. If you can find one with added detailing then that would be even better. For instance if your clutch has a removable chain or strap. This means you will be able to get maximum wear out of your  clutch. My two clutch bags shared below both come with a chain  that can easily tucked in or worn out. Which means I can go from day to night with both. Another added extra detail is the size of each clutch : both are over sized which makes using them versatile. If you are like me and you carry a pair of flats on a night out then an over sized clutch bag is a great thing to invest in.

Gold jewelry

 Gold for me is a timeless colour. It is elegant and glamorous and that is why I am so in love with gold jewelry. In my opinion you can't go wrong with it. Gold is versatile which means I can pair it with anything.


Hello my name is Tiwi and I am a sunglasses hoarder/ addict . Yes guys. My last sun glass count was well over 40 plus pairs . I am the kind of girl who loves variety in her closet. If I love one pair of shoes and it comes in different colours. Best believe I will be buying the same shoes in all the different available colours. It doesn't help that my eyes and the sunlight are at war.

Shopper bag

If you guys have been following my blog long enough you would know that my brown battered Zara shopper bag usually features in my OOTDs. Let me be honest with you guys. I have never been a big fan of bags but lately I have been trying to build a sensible collection. I have fallen in love with  shopper bags because you can carry a lot of stuff in them .  I'm one of those women who travel with the world in their hand bag. So despite having a big small hand bag collection big hand bags are quickly becoming my thing. I've recently bought a burgundy one from new look to replace the Zara one. My biggest problem when it comes to bag shopping is quality.A bag can look nice but if it looks badly made or low quality I just can't buy it.


You can't go wrong with a belt ( well you can). Belts can take  your outfit to the next level if worn correctly. Belts can make you recreate a whole new outfit and that's why I had to add them to my top 5. They help  hold up your pants in style and they can help you hide problem areas when you layer your clothes correctly. You can do so many tricks with a belt. ( I'm talking about clothes related tricks).

I hope you found this helpful. What are your top 5 accessories?
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