Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Finding the perfect coat

Hello lovelies

I do love Sundays because I get to play in my wardrobe a bit. I get to think of outfits to wear and it's the only day I actually have an excuse to get dressed up. On Sunday I decided to try out some new shoes and a vintage tweed blazer I haven't worn yet. I'm on a mission to utilise those things I never wear. If we would honestly take a look at our wardrobes we would realise that we don't wear/use a lot of the things we own. I'm telling you guys. It's only when you have to move house that you realise the amount of things you have accumulated. I guess I a trying to be more efficient and wear my ideas instead of wearing the same thing all the time.

So this last Sunday I went for a casual look with my usually pair of jeans. ( I'm currently looking for new pairs). I paired the jeans with a man's shirt ( The story behind where that shirt is from is really funny). Men's shirts have very stiff collars and I like that. They give your outfit a sharp and clean finish. especially if you are layering necklaces with a jumper of blazer. I also love the fact that men's shirts are not fitted. I paired the shirt with a blazer and some Zara cut out boots I got in the summer sales. The coat was not part of the outfit. I actually purchased it on Sunday. Initially it was for my vintage store Tiwi's Closet vintage but it fit like a dream on me. These coats are currently trending but I've been looking for a camel/ beige coat for the last year. I'm so glad I found this one.

The boots were not the most comfortable but I am breaking into them and I don't regret buying them. Definitely an addition to my winter essentials.

I will definitely be sourcing more coats like mine for my store.

Be sure to check out my store Tiwi's closet vintage.

What I am wearing
Coat : Vitnage// blazer : Tiwi's Closet Vintage// Shirt : House mate's // Jeans : Newlook // Shoes : Zara// Necklace: Gifted ( primark) // Lipstick : Ruby Woo // Bag: Zara

Well that's all folks . I hope you have a fruitful and blessed week.


Tiwi x

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