Friday, 9 January 2015

New year

Happy New year family

I know this is 9 days late and some but it would be rude if I just jumped into just talking about myself. 
This year I am hoping to grow my content and bring more original posts your way. My aim is not be a brand new me with brand new ideals. Instead I want to expand on the me I've been in the last 18 months. This year will of course be bigger and better. We can't change the past but we can certainly be better. 2015 is about expanding the Tiwi's Closet brand. I want to blog more about my hair, vintage fashion and lipstick. I want to do more hauls and share more about me. I want to meet new people and learn more about the fashion industry.

You know what they say speak words of life into your life and you will get all that goodness back. ( I just made that up)

A new year for me means reviewing my wardrobe , life , plans and everything in general. Adding new things and perhaps bringing old favourites back.

I believe I wrote about this topic last year but hey. I thought why not cover it again with a few new added twists ( maybe a lot of added twists and a few surprises).

Tiwi Tips and plans for 2015:

Vintage meets Modern

This is definitely an old favorite for me or even something I have been doing from the birth of Tiwi's closet. Mixing vintage and modern pieces to create my own statement. This year I want to say. Hi I am Tiwi and I'm sharing how I see the world with you. I have a lot of pieces that have not seen the light of day. I plan on doing a lot of lookbooks. If I can't wear it in an ootd or ootn then I can surely share my ideas on how I would style my pieces. 

I've starting out the year by investing in jewllery pieces that reflect the concept vintage meets modern. I love vintage pieces that look timeless and modern pieces that look vintage. can you tell which pieces are vintage or modern?

I guess I am trying to say in a round about way that I will be mixing a lot more vintage into my everyday looks. I want to leave my comfort zone and find some new things.

Decluttering for a fresh mindset

My decluttering process works like this. Things I am selling Vs Things I am giving away. This year anything I haven't worn that is vintage is getting sold on my etsy store.  The none vintage stuff is being sold on my ebay account. You can check it out here. I currently have more than 32 unique items up for sale. I have also given out alot of things and this includes furniture, books and much more.

Tiwi Tips for keeping a somewhat organised closet:
Decluterring creates room for new things. It also gives your unwanted items a new home. Every 6 months I have a wardrobe inventory to make sure I am not holding on to stuff I don't need. Try it to get a bit of cash and create space for new and better things. Watch the program hoarders if you have a problem letting go of stuff ,believe me you will get the motivation to let go and let new things flow. You don't want to accumulate a lot of stuff you don't use.

Change of environment

This year I am totally alone. My whole family has moved continents and I am on my own. I will be moving into my own apartment soon. I am excited and I have already started buying stuff to decorate my new place. I've discovered that I like my decor just like I like my clothing. Unique and vintage.

Tumblr and Pinterest have been a good source of information. It is helping me identify what my style is. What I like? I know that I love a lot of light and vintage pieces ( as you can see from the few things I have already invested in)

Health and Fitness

I've been singing this song for a while but I just couldn't get motivated or I would start and then stop with the exercising. At the end of 2014 I invested in this program called the Fitgirls program. It only cost $24.99 for the ebook which gives you a break down on food and exercise for achieving Fitgirlness. I will do a more indepth review about the program when I finally go through it. What it is is a 28 day jumpstart to living a healthy life. You can follow them on instagram to see how women and men have transformed their bodies and their lives.

My goal is to be a size 12/14. I am currently a size 16 and I have been slowly losing weight because I stopped inhaling junk food and soft drinks last year but I want to make a more active change this year. I have a Virgos lounge dress that I bought 3 years ago and I am dying to fit into that baby. The poor dress is sitting at the back of one of my closets crying out to be worn.

As part of my Health and fitness regiment I want to drink more water and detox as often as I am supposed to. I have invested in the Boo detox tea ( It's currently on special in Holland and Barrett's so do go and get it if you are interested in detoxing)

 I will be doing a follow up post on the results once I finish with the teatox.

Makeup ,Skin care and Hair 
Investing time in these things is about building on my knowledge and pampering myself. 2015 is about showing myself love inside and outside.

Make up

For those of you who don't know I don't wear a full face of my make up ever. ( that's a lie a wear a bad full face a handful of times a year). 2015 is more about learning the skill/art of applying makeup properly and investing in all the necessary tools for said application.I had a massive purge of the little collection I had so at the moment I am really low on make up. I only own concealers, eye liner , dying mascara and a handful of brushes. I do have a huge lipstick collection but I do want to learn about other make up things.

So far I've invested in a eye shadow palette and a handful of lipglosses. So far I hate the lipglosses because they smell of sickly sweet. I am very particular about the smell of things. I will probably give these away. I thought they would be a good start as they came in a set ( they were £2.99 probably should've known better). I bought this particular makeup palette because a girl on YouTube convinced me Makeup revolution do good eye shadow palettes. I will let you guys know in a review of the product 
( Woowee I am making all these promises already)

Skin Care
 My current regiment is ok but sometimes I feel like it isn't working especially when I have random break outs. Also towards then end of 2014 I was having weird rashes on my face I'd like to see the end of that in my life. I am aiming for a great skin regiment not just an OK one. Of course I will be keeping you guys updated ( another promise fingers crossed).


My hair isn't growing guys and I am not happy. Or should I say it is growing but I'm not retaining any of that new length and it is annoying. So I am on a mission to find out what I'm not doing properly. It's been four years and I still feel like I don't know what I am doing ( Jesus take the wheel with my hair growth). 

This year you will see me trying out a different hair styles and some new products. You will have to watch and wait for the updates. 

Trying New Things

a) Day time heels
Yes my people I want to wear heels during the day. It's something that honestly scares me but I have such a extensive collection of heels and I don't go out at all these days that I need to start wearing some of them out and about. It is a skill I want to master ( even if it means me carrying flat shoes in my hand bag for when I just can't take it anymore). I just can't justify having shoes I wear once a year! It goes against every efficient saving gene in my body.

b) Investing in more slips on, plimsolls and other funky day time shoes.

I started the mission of building up a reputable day time shoe collection 2 years ago and I must say I am happy with the progress so far.  Good shoes take your outfit to the next level. This year it's all about saying bye bye to some old favorites ( see my eBay account) and hello to the different and funky. I am currently in love with over the knee peep toe heeled boots ( quite a mouthful for a simple pair of shoes). I have found my perfect pair. I am just waiting to afford them. I did however find some knee length peep toe heeled boots in the New look January sale. They were only £14.99 and I love them.

c) Music
I want to go to more concerts. I missed Dwele in London last year because I suck at saving and planning ahead of time. That will have to change this year because I can't keep missing amazing concerts. Experiencing live music will be a new experience for me and I can't wait.  I especially love Afro jazz , soul . jazz and gospel so I will most definitely be on the look out for those type of concerts. I also want to pick up the acoustic guitar. I've been saying this for the last 3 years. I at least have to buy the damn guitar this year. My dream is to play the song ' In my Head' by India Arie and sing along. The live version in Brazil ( see video below) really speaks to me. 

d) Travelling
I really would love to visit Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam this year. I am not much of a traveler. ( If shopping malls or fashion are not involved then I ain't doing it). 2015 is about challenging myself and become a tourist who loves old buildings and art O_o . I want to explore new places and broaden my horizon. I always seem to meet pretty interesting people when I travel so who knows what these places will bring for me.


f) New Skills

I did home economics in high school and I hated it. Therefore I never paid attention during the dressmaking lessons. 10 years later and I need those skills. So I've signed up to do a sewing class. Yes I've set myself a goal. I want to make my own dress by the end of this year. My year is packed y'all. I will also be signing up for a photography class as soon as I find £70. I am one of those people who needs structure to learn a new skill. So signing up for an actual classes that teaches me how to use my camera and sew are right up my alley.

g) Reading more informative books

Yes I am already a big reader. However it's 98% racy romance novels ( My secret vice). I have been working on building a library of informative and educational books. I especially want to invest in African Literature. Here are some books I've already bought/ found in my house. 

As you can see from this post 2015 will be and interesting year. Here is to better content and self exploration. ( you might need a glass of wine to make this toast with me) 

At the end of this year I want to achieve this and more. I want to be a better version of me. A me I trust and am proud of. I want to achieve so many things. If I had to write about each goal in full detail Lord knows how long this blog post would be!

Here is to you and your year.( Another glass) May you be blessed and may you be the best you you can be.

Love and light


  1. one of the best posts i have read this year!! i love the shoes and accessories

    1. Thank you lovely ^_^ I am glad you enjoyed it.


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