Thursday, 27 March 2014

New in: Lipstick

Hello lovelies

Prepare for the lipstick bombardment. In the next couple of weeks I will be doing lipstick related series . Today is simply a lipstick haul. Some time last year I decided that I wanted to build my lipstick collection and this year I am making it a reality.

I decided to try out Accessorize lipsticks after seeing the shade Infatuated on a friend of mine. This shade in my opinion is a dupe for Diva by MAC. Infatuated just has more shine to it. I just love the names of the Accessorize lipsticks,they are all about being in love. For £4.95 I would say you do get your value for money. So far I have worn Infatuated and Passionate and I can't complain.

I bought the Maybelline colour senesation and the MUA in shade 15 on a whim. I had time to kill while waiting for a friend so I decided to go into Super drug to play with lipstick.The Maybelline colours swatched really well on my hand however I am not happy with the colour payoff of the Taupe and coral colour on my actual lips, they are not as pigmented as I would like. I am in love with the naked brown shade it is everything. I would definitely recommend it . As for MUA it is supposed to look peachy nude on your lips however it can end up looking more chalky than peachy, but it is quite amplified and I love that about it. You would need a lip liner for this shade just to give your lips some definition.

As for the MAC lipsticks ...  I have a list of all the MAC lipsticks I want to buy so all the lip colours you see where on the list. I am slowly working through it until I get all the MAC lipsticks I want. I think they are the best value for money as they are pigmented and last you forever. Parting with your £15 isn't fun but for something that defeats your food, drink and other activities  I think it is definitely worth it. 

Onto the fun part y'all:

(Just thought I should point out that I would usually wear lipstick with a lip liner but I decided to just put on the lipsticks as they were so you could really get a look at the colour.)





Well lovelies that's it from me.

I hope you have a lovely day 

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