Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ASOS Wish list

Hello lovelies
Now I'm not much of an online shopper but I do love ASOS. I thought I'd share my current ASOS wishlist with you guys. I find that my style has evolved these last couple of months. I'm trying new things. I think it was triggered by my decision to invest in better shoes. I've never been much of a shoe lover but having to go out of my comfort zone helped me discover my inner love for shoes, which has a multiplier effect on my whole look. Yes I'm getting rid of a lot of my old stuff. It's exciting. I've invested in some bags and clothes.

Here is my beautiful list. Slowly but surely I will get the stuff I really want ^_^.
asos wishlist

ASOS sweat shirt
£21 -

Glamorous crop top
£16 -

ASOS pencil skirt
£38 -

ASOS black pants
£32 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£42 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£51 -

London rebel shoes
£34 -

Ravel flat shoes
£32 -

ASOS high heel shoes
£38 -

Leopard shoes
£23 -

Truffle ankle boots
£32 -

Timeless strappy sandals
£27 -

ASOS slip on shoes
£24 -

Pull&Bear slip on shoes
£25 -

ASOS crossbody purse
£28 -

ASOS plastic bag
£23 -

ASOS chunky necklace
£18 -

ASOS chronograph watch
£25 -

ASOS bracelet
£7.92 -

ASOS gemstone jewelry
£4.53 -

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